Rah Ahan an Iranian football club was founded in 1937 in Tehran. It is one of the oldest Iranian football clubs which has been competing continuously in Tehran and Iran football. To avoid being relocated to small towns, this club was moved to Rey on 11 July 2008 upon the decision made by Mohamad Hasan Ansarifard, the then manager of the club. At insistence of Physical Education Organization of Iran, no city was allowed to have more than two clubs, since Tehran had already possessed Perspolish F.c and Esteghlal F.c, Rah Ahan was on the verge of relocation. Meanwhile, other clubs like Pas, Peykan and Saba had undergone the same process. Moving to Rey, Rah Ahan was remained among other clubs in Tehran. Rah Ahan was sold on OTC on June 2011.

Pre Revolution

Rah Ahan was established in 1937 by Iran Railways. In 1939 Rah Ahan participated in the Tehran Local Leauge for the first time. Their first official match was against Bazargani F.c, they won the game 11- 0. A few years later, due to World War II, Iran’s football operations were dissolved along with Rah Ahan’s. In 50’s this club particular activities were focused on worker’s sport. Early 50’s, this club started taking football operations more seriously and was attending the Tehran Local League for some years. 70’s was an important era on Rah Ahan’s football history. As Takht Jamshid Cup was founded Rah Ahan was among Tehran’s teams promoted to the league. Known as Locomotive Engineers, they ended 7th on their first year in the cup.

Post Revolution

After the Iran’s revolution in 1978, Rah Ahan could not win any place in the first tournament of official matches. In 1980 Rah Ahan could defeat Perspolis and Esteghlal, two popular Iranian teams, in qualification matches of Tehran and was nicknamed as Black Cat by mass media and its fans. They had a second-finish in Elimination League in 1993. Even though Rah Ahan had an outstanding performance in the Tehran Local League for several years, they could not promote to Iran pro-league. It was 2004 season when Rah Ahan was eventually promoted to the Iran Pro-league and after such a long time, they could be among other great teams. In their first presence in pro-league, they ended 13th which was an acceptable place for a newly joined team. Since 2005 they have been competing in Iran pro- league. Second- finish in Elimination League, first-finish in Football Association Challenge Cup in 2003 and consecutive championships in youth teams are Rah Ahan’s accomplishments.

Elimination League

Second- finish 2008- 9

First league

Second-finish 2004

Second league

First- finish in second league 1976

Tehran second league

First place 1965

Tehran Elimination Cup

Second-finish 1983